E.V. Gray story


the real gem in this story is the EMA2 motor that was submitted for 10 days of analysis to Crosby Research in May of 1973. The tests (if you do the math) report an energy gain of about 274. I know of no other free-energy research project today that claims a COP any where close to that or at the high power levels involved – 7.4 KW. The actual tests took place at Cal-Tech. Two of the university staff professors were so impresses with this technology that they joined the technical team at Evgray Inc…

Historical research made by Mark McKay


“Drinking” clock


I think everyone knows about “Drinking bird” toy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drinking_bird). Here I would like present ”modern”, solid state analog  🙂
We take a Peltier element and put wet rag on one side and big heat sink on the other side.
Water will be evaporating from the rag and it will be cooling.
This creates small (about one degree) temperature difference for several hours.
Using modern DC-DC converter for energy harvesting (like LTC3108) some small electronic device can be powered e.g. clock.
I also believe that it is possible build similar system with ”closed cycle” where water (or perhaps some other coolant circulate inside device). This, however, presents much more serious engineering challenge.