Rediscovering Zaev’s ferro-kessor

N. E. Zaev’s article about using environmental heat to generate electricity was published somewhere in 1991. According to some internet resources, N.E. Zaev was researching this concept since 1960s, probably in cooperation with P.K. Oshepkov, founder of Public Institute of Energy Inversion. I heard first time about Zaev’s idea of conversion of environmental heat to electricity about ten years ago. Since that time I made a lot of experiments and attempts to build such device without any significant progress. In desperation, I started studding everything related to magnetic properties, BH curves etc. And accidentally, last year a chain of unexpected events was triggered, which brought me to understanding and some experimental results. Here, in this short summary, I am trying to document a path which one have to follow in order to be able understand and build such device.

Full story here: h2e.pdf


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